Police advise cyclists on how to secure their bikes amid spate of bike thefts

The local policing team in New Malden has reported a recent increase in burglaries involving bikes being stolen from rear gardens and front driveway sheds.

Over the past weeks, bike thieves have also been spotted in Kingston town centre.

As a reaction to this growing issue, the police have shared tips on how to protect bikes against thieves on their social media.

“We always recommend added security put in place,” New Malden Village Police said on X (formerly Twitter).

Many people use a simple padlock to protect their valuable contents, but those are easy to break. Instead, heavy duty locks and chains are recommended by the Metropolitan Police.

A battery-operated alarm which responds to movement or door contact with a loud siren will also put most thieves off.

At home, bikes can be secured to the ground by using a metal floor anchor or a lockable stand within a locked shed or garage.

It is also worth draping and old sheet or blanket over the top of bikes to keep them covered from view.

Bike owners are also advised to check if their home insurance covers their shed or outbuildings against theft.

According to the Metropolitan Police, bikes and mowers are the most common items stolen from sheds.

In Kingston, bicycle theft was the fourth most commonly reported crime in September.

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