National adopt a cat month: charities urge people to rehome

Charities are urging people looking to home a cat to consider adopting one, rather than buying one. 

Figures from the RSPCA show that in 2022 reports of cruelty to cats rose by 25% on the previous year, with the number equivalent to five a day.

According to pet food company Hill’s Pets, 131,000 cats in the UK enter shelters each year. 

In and around Kingston, there are many charities that specialise in giving care and rehabilitation to cats who are abandoned or in need of being rehomed.

Stray cats who need rescuing from local charities
Credit: Jonathan Ansel/ Unsplash

The Ginger Cat Rescue, based in Epsom, rescues pregnant cats, abandoned or stray, abused cats and any cat who needs them.

They are funded solely through donations, which covers the cost of feeding and homing them, as well as vet bills.

The founder of The Ginger Cat Rescue, June, said; “We rescue and rehome around 250 cats each year and they are based at my home. Most cats are rehomed, however special needs and behavioural issued cats stay here at the sanctuary.”

She said that the reason there are so many unwanted cats is because people let their pets breed and they would rather buy a kitten from a private seller, instead of adopting with the guarantee of them being wormed, de-flead, neutered, chipped and socialised. 

Local resident Ritoo Jenjani, who needed help from the Ginger Cat Rescue, said: “A stray cat often visits us at our house. Yesterday she gave birth in my garden to five kittens. I was very worried for the cat and her babies so I called the Ginger Cat Rescue. June was so helpful and the mother cat and kittens were handled carefully and taken to the centre.”

People who required help from the charity have said the volunteers are selfless and help offer cats a forever home.

The RSPCA said the UK is experiencing a cat crisis and adoption centres are often full.

They said that people should consider adopting a cat or kitten because rehoming gives the animal a second chance and is all the more rewarding.

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