How can men take better care of themselves?

Society’s expectations of gender roles are having a negative impact on men’s mental health.

Men are encouraged to tough things out and often neglect to talk steps to look after their own mental and physical wellbeing.

One way in which men can take better care of themselves is through doing more physical activities.

Physical activity is proven to have positive effects on a person’s mental wellbeing, which include increased self esteem, better sleep and decreased feelings of anxiety.

It is important to maintain a solid sleep routine which can also help maintain a healthy weight, improve energy levels and help you feel more productive.

On average men need seven to eight hours sleep every night. For those struggling to sleep, herbal tea and a wind-down routine before bed can help.

Reading books before can help slow down the mind and avoid using screens.

Having regular health check ups and screenings are also important for men to attend.

Spending time grooming is beneficial because it can boost a person’s self-esteem and help make them feel confident.

Diet is a significant factor in taking care of your health. Eating fruit, vegetables and whole grains and limit saturated fats, processed foods, and sugary drinks.

Connecting with others and having a strong social network can affect a person’s mental health, as it is important to have relationships that allow you to express your feelings.

In 2021, men’s mental health charity Movember found that 60% of men do not share how they are feeling with anyone.

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The Movember organisation is encouraging people to take part in their 60km walk or run, to remember to 60 men that take their own life globally, every hour. This can be covered over the course of November or in one go.

Movember “looks at mental health through a male lens”. The aim is to work “towards a world where men take action to be mentally well, and are supported by those around them”.

On average men die four and a half years before women do. Many of the caises are largely preventable.

Movember celebrates and encourages men to take action and take care of themselves in order to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

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