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Whilst awareness around mental health has increased over the years, there are still issues surrounding men’s mental health and how to address it.  

Though mental health can affect anyone regardless of gender, there has been a lack of resources geared towards improving the mental well-being of men. According to Mental Health UK, only 36% of all NHS referrals for psychological therapies, are for men.  

 Men experiencing mental health issues are encouraged to seek support. You can contact your GP or one of the mental health organisations operating in Kingston.   

Mind in Kingston  

This user-led charity, which has operated since 1972, prides itself on supporting and producing a range of services for those who suffer from mental health issues in Kingston-upon-Thames and beyond. 

Services they provide include: 

  • Counselling services 
  • Drop in cafes  
  • Inclusion and Physical Activity for Better Mental Health 
  • Mental Health Awareness Training for Charities and Schools  
  • Peer-led groups 
  • Volunteering Opportunities 

The organisation said: “We will influence policy and promote equal rights through campaigning and education.  

“We strive to develop innovative quality services which reflect expressed need and diversity.”  

Kingston Samaritans 

This charity, set up in 1968, focuses on providing care and support in relation to those struggling with suicidal thoughts within and beyond the Royal Borough of Kingston.  

    Services they offer include: 

    • Talking to someone- you can call or email at any time of the day 
    • Speaking to a Samaritan face-to-face 
    • Informative digital articles about mental health 
    • Support training in the workplace, health and care, schools, prisons and military   
    • Working alongside high-risk groups and communities to reduce the risk of suicide 

    Kingston Samaritans on their website said: “In 2022, our branch spent a total of 7,300 hours responding to more than 27,600 calls for help.  

    87% of these calls for help were phone contacts and the remaining were email contacts.” 

    Their renowned listening services are for those who require immediate support and guidance but can also give continued aftercare to create a sustainable method of bettering one’s mental health.  

    Kingston iCope NHS Talking Therapies Service 

    The NHS-run organisation based in Surbiton offers plenty of assessment types and treatments for psychological issues such as anxiety and depression amongst others.  

    Services they offer: 

    • Digital therapy 
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 
    • Counselling 
    • Guided self-help 
    • Community linking/social prescribing 

    Speaking on the quality of staff they provide, the organisation said: “The staff members at iCope are all trained to a high standard to deliver evidence-based psychological therapies.” 

    The services are available for those over 18 who reside and are registered with a GP in the Royal Borough of Kingston.  

    Achieving for Children 

    Achieving for Children (AFC) centres around creating solutions through different forms of wellbeing support and resources for young people and their families.  

    More specifically, their Kingston and Richmond Emotional Health Service (EHS) supplies a group of trained therapists who specialise in working alongside young people who suffer from a range of mental health issues.  

    Services EHS provide are: 

    • Group work 
    • IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy) 
    • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) 
    • Systemic Family Therapy 
    • Online anxiety groups for young people 
    • Online low mood group for young people 

    AFC has said: “We have the independence and flexibility to tailor innovative solutions to the needs of children and their families, whilst maintaining our strong bond and deep commitment to society and public service.” 

    Achieving for Children for Kingston or Richmond 

    • Contact: 020 8547 5008 or 020 8770 5000 

    Emotional Health Service 

    Getting It On 

    Getting It On specialises in providing young people between 13-19 simple and helpful services across Southwest London around a variety of health-related issues such as sexual and mental health.  

    Services provided include: 

    • Staying safe online 
    • Health and lifestyle 
    • Sexual health 
    • Drugs and alcohol 
    • Emotional health and wellbeing 
    • Abuse, harassment and exploitation 
    • Emergency contraception 

    When talking about their aims, the organisation said: “Our aim is to provide young people who need help and support, or who are uncomfortable with asking for help, easy access to relevant services at a time they need them most and without the fear of being judged.” 

    Their website also supplies many informative articles and videos which give advice on the relevant topics if needed.  

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