Giving The Mic: Black History Month- Where are the Black British pioneers?

Welcome to Giving the Mic, the show where in each episode we will explore current topics and give our thoughts on them.

In this episode, we will be talking about all things Black History Month in relation to Kingston-upon-Thames, and explaining why it was a disappointing but promising year for the Black community.

Black History Month is celebrated in October in the UK, and it is a chance to acknowledge historical Black pioneers who have played a significant role in the liberty and rights of the Black community.

Yet this year has felt particularly quiet, and we will be discussing the value of Black History Month and future hopes for raising awareness of Black British pioneers.

Host Taina Popoola is joined by Kingston Courier social media editor Tawana Chamanza, and reporter Madelyn Herrera, with a special appearance from Kingston’s first Black female councillor, Afy Afilaka.

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