Muslim charity helps Kingston Upon Thames locals in COVID-19 crisis

A Muslim youth charity has stepped up its support for vulnerable people in Kingston upon Thames, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, . 

Kingston members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK (AMYA UK) have delivered necessities, such as food and medicine, to locals deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 by the NHS.  

Dr Anas Rana, AMYA national director for humanitarian works, said:

“In these difficult times, AMYA have a youth membership in the thousands ready around the country to help anyone in need and we have advised our youth members to take necessary steps to safeguard themselves whilst carrying out the act of charity. ”

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kingston upon Thames members of AMYA set up a support service for the elderly and immuno-compromised people.  

People vulnerable to COVID-19 can access the service by e-mail:, to get groceries, medication and other necessities delivered to their home by a volunteer.

AMYA advertises the support service in a humorous way to cheer people up and to show that there is no shame in asking for help especially in this difficult time.

Volunteer Behzad Khan, a Kingston resident, said: “Islam teaches us to serve humanity, to love, to show compassion and kindness to our fellow [human] beings.

 “I’m very happy to be able to help people in need and make their situation easier for them and their family because we all need a little help and support – together we will get through this!”

Volunteer Kashif Khan said: “The great thing is that nobody looks at your religion or where you’re from.

“People from different faiths and all walks of life are helping one another and you really feel you are part of a society trying to improve the situation.”

Volunteer, Nasir Gilani, Tolworth resident, said: “I regularly contact my elderly neighbour who lives with her husband in self-isolation and if she needs anything, she gives me a shopping list and I get the items for her.  

“It’s great to see how everyone from all communities are getting together and helping each other.”

Members of AMYA also produce online content to keep youths entertained and engaged in this lockdown. 

Weekly workout sessions are broadcast live to help youths stay fit during this lockdown. 

To find out more, follow AMYA UK on Twitter: @UKMuslimYouth 

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