The top 5 things to do at Kingston Christmas Market

This giant Christmas tree can be found in the town centre. Photo by Amy Hetherington

It is that time of year again, and everyone is getting ready for the Christmas season. Whether you’re getting presents ready, organising parties or stressing about decorations, Kingston’s Christmas market can give you an enjoyable break and provide you with gift ideas. Here are the top five activities to do on your visit:

5. Christmas decorations

The town centre is decorated with an array of Christmas decorations and lights, so it is well worth a visit, if only to see the Bentall Centre lit up and the giant Christmas tree in pride of place.

4. Marshmallow toasting

This giant Christmas tree can be found in the town centre. A wood fire has been set up in a public bin in the centre of the market and is a great chance for the whole family to enjoy some marshmallow toasting (or even just some hand-warming!).

3. Bratwurst

A type of German sausage, bratwurst is a staple at any Christmas market these days. It is a quick and easy snack (or dinner) appealing to the whole family and ketchup and mustard are available as condiments. For vegans and vegetarians, a stall nearby sells food such as quesadillas and Casanova.

2. Mulled wine

Known as glühwein in German, this traditional drink can be found at any Christmas market. To give the drink its distinctive taste, lemon, sugar, cloves and cinnamon are mixed with warmed red wine. Not only does it smell wonderfully Christmassy but is very warming on colder evenings. However, if you prefer, soft drinks, hot chocolate and mulled beer are also available.

The market stalls sell a large range of items from jewellery to handmade toys. Photo by Amy Hetherington

1. Market stalls

The Christmas market is a great place to pick up some really unique gift ideas.  The majority of the market stalls are situated outside All Saints Church and there are a wide variety of goods. Hats and scarves, jewellery, wine, sweets, toys, and even chess sets are just some of the delights on offer.

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