TfL-backed Go Cycle plan underway in Kingston

The Go Cycle programme is now in motion in some areas of Kingston.

The cycle route at Portsmouth Road is already up and running. Photo: RB Kingston-upon-Thames.

The cycle routes at Portsmouth Road, Kingston High Street and from Surbiton to Kingston are now completed and in use.

Seven more routes are due to completed by 2021, including routes at Wheatfield Way and Kingston Station.

Healthy streets for London

The Go Cycle programme in Kingston comes as part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s healthy streets for London initiative.

Kingston Council has worked closely with the Mayor of London and TfL over the course of the Go Cycle programme. Photo: RB Kingston-upon-Thames.

Part of this initiative is to provide more spaces for walking and cycling, to enable Londoners to stop relying so heavily on their cars.

Kingston was one of three boroughs that successfully won funding for the Mini-Holland scheme.

As part of this, Transport for London gave Kingston £30 million to upgrade Kingston’s travel infrastructure and create a series of cycle routes.

Kingston’s growing population

London mayor Sadiq Khan at the opening of the Portsmouth Road cycling route. Photo: RB Kingston-upon-Thames.

A key factor behind the Go Cycle programme is Kingston’s population, which is growing on average by an extra 1, 500 per year.

A spokesman for the Go Cycle programme at Kingston Council, said: “Kingston is facing up to the challenge to ensure that as its population grows, that everyone can keep moving easily around the borough.

“We have to evolve Kingston’s infrastructure in a way that offers safe and reliable transport options that better meet residents’ needs, supporting their move to adopt cycling, while reducing polluting emissions and improving air quality.”

Transport for London

Construction is currently taking place on a cycle route connecting New Malden to Raynes Park. Photo: RB Kingston-upon-Thames.

Kingston Council has formed a close partnership with TfL during the scheme.

TfL’s Director of Surface Strategy and Planning, Ben Plowden, said: “We’re proud to support Kingston’s efforts to transform the area around the station into a more attractive, accessible and people-friendly environment as part of our commitment to make streets in London healthier for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Kingston Council

Kingston Council aims to enable people to use the cycling routes as easily as possible. Photo: RB Kingston-upon-Thames.

Whilst creating better infrastructure, the Go Cycle team at the council also aims to help residents understand how to best use the scheme, including such helpful features as the Dr Bike programme.

This is a team of cycle specialists who check bikes brought to them, provide security marking, and give advice on any work that may need to be undertaken, or provide guidance on any aspect of cycling.

Kingston Council provides cycling training to schools and adults on how to safely and confidently ride a bike.

The Dr Bike scheme runs in many areas of Kingston, such as the Bentall Centre. Photo: RBK Kingston.

Kingston Councillor Hilary Gander, said: “The Go Cycle scheme marks a real effort to help change the way people travel in Kingston.

“We aim to enhance a key transport gateway in the borough by providing new and improved crossings and safer cycling lanes.”

Enfield and Waltham Forest were also given funding under the mini-Holland programme.

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