Miss England Judges Deny Discrimimation Claims From Former Miss Surrey

Miss England judges have dismissed claims from the former Miss Surrey that she was discriminated against at the Miss England finals.

Miss Surrey
Jade McQueen – the former Miss Surrey

Jade McQueen, 24, from Chessington, made the claims on October 21. She said she was discriminated against because of her “poor background” after she finished 20th  in the beauty pageant, which took place in August.

Angie Beasley, Director of Miss England, told the Courier she was at a loss to explain McQueen’s remarks.

Beasley said: “We saw the comments in the paper and were really surprised. They have come totally out of the blue. She must be doing it for publicity.

“The judges know absolutely nothing about a contestant’s background. There is no background information of lifestyle given to any judges or indeed any members of my team. At the final the girls are judged solely on their merits that evening plus their charity work in the lead up to the final.”

Beasley also dismissed McQueen’s suggestion that “out of shape” girls were placed ahead of her in the final placings.

The Miss England Director said: “I think this is a hurtful and unnecessary thing to say about any other women – if you can’t handle defeat you shouldn’t be in a competition. Miss England has never discriminated against a contestant for her ethnicity, dress size or family background. I find this comment personally insulting.

“I can assure you that other contestants are equally dismayed at this young lady’s unfounded comments.”

McQueen, a former X-factor star, hit out at the judges of the pageant claiming she was passed over due to her lower income background and she subsequently relinquished her Miss Surrey title in protest.

McQueen said: “I told them from day one I was from a poor background and had even been homeless. I think this is what went against me as the winners are always very wealthy.”

Talking about her past, McQueen revealed she was made homeless when she was nine, spending almost a year living in a hostel in Surbiton with her mum and brother after they were evicted from temporary accommodation.

Charlotte Rudham, from Cobham, has now been crowned the new Miss Surrey to replace McQueen. Rudham was the top fundraiser in the whole country and placed higher then McQueen in the Miss England national finals.

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