Construction begins on cycle lanes in Kingston

Construction work has began on the ‘go cycle’ scheme in Kingston, which aims to encourage more people to cycle and to make better use of the existing road network.

The work commenced on October 9 on Portsmouth Road and will provide elevated cycle lanes to improve interaction between cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, and it will make the roads safer for all road users. With the population of the borough expected to increase by 30 per cent by 2050, the scheme intends to make better use of existing road space.

Kingston local Chris, a cyclist and driver, thought it was “a great idea”. He added: “It can be quite nerve-racking as a cyclist and separating the lanes out can make things clearer and safer for everyone involved.”

Tony, a cyclist, thought it was a good idea but worried that the lanes wouldn’t be wide enough,  saying that they are often “very narrow and they disappear”.

In March 2014, the Mayor of London named Kingston as one of three London boroughs to be awarded ‘mini-Holland’ programme status, it provides access to more than £30 million of Transport for London funding to transform local cycling facilities.

New cycle routes will be created between Kingston Bridge and Kingston town centre, Kingston Hill and Kingston Vale, Kingston and Surbiton, and Cambridge Road and Kingston Road.

You can pledge your support for the ‘go cycle’ scheme here:

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