London mayoral candidate to stage air pollution protest

He may not be the most well known of the twelve candidates running for Mayor of London this month but Ankit Love of the One Love party is determined to make his voice heard.

The mayoral hopeful is holding a protest at Parliament Sqaure tomorrow (2 May) against the air pollution ‘pandemic’, which he says is ‘the biggest killer in the UK since Oliver Cromwell’.

The former actor and musician said he can build one million social homes during his tenure as mayor and he also plans on legalising cannabis.

However Love, who also claims he is the Emperor of Jammu and Kashmir, nearly did not make it onto the ballot.

His campaign manager, Giacomo, 24, had to borrow £10,000 from his grandmother so Love could make his deposit.

Love said: “We are not a parody party like some people think. There is a serious message behind what you see.”

We will see if Londoners agree with him come 5 May.

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