Kingston community group hosts fundraising café to fight food poverty

A Kingston charity has announced an all-day breakfast event to raise funds for their sustainable food bank and community kitchen initiatives.

The Museum of Futures, located on Brighton Rd in Surbiton, will turn into Winter Warmer Café serving home-made hot meals all day on Saturday December 16

“It’s going to be Sri Lankan curry, all-day fusion breakfast, homemade cakes, and pudding, with festive hot drinks. But these will be set-priced menus, because we’re trying to raise money,” one of the organisers Himali Patil said.

Money raised will help fund the community kitchen which supports local people who may be struggling with the rising food and energy bills.

“It’s a pay-as-much-as-you-can-afford scheme, but they also provide free meals. So if you can’t afford to pay, you can always opt for free meals,” Patil said.

food menu at Kitchen Roots Community
The meals will be cooked by Sri Lankan Manny of “Manny’s Kitchen”, a local start-up business. Credit: The Community Brain

The Community Brain launched Museum of Futures in 2015 as a sustainable community space in a vacant shop in Surbiton.

In the past, it has been used for creative and wellbeing workshops, visual and performance art installations, and music recordings.

Museum of Futures as community kitchen during Christmas period
The community kitchen at the Museum of Futures can accommodate about 20 people at a time. Credit: Daniel Tison

Since summer, it has been serving as a community kitchen, managed by Kitchen Roots Community, offering hot meals for people in need free of charge.

Patil explained that the kitchen has been using excess food from the next-door food bank, called The Museum of Today.

“We’re trying to so save food from going into the landfill, so the excess food that is not taken away by people is used in this space,” she said.

Museum of Today food bank in Surbiton
Museum of Today collects excess food from the supermarket and offers it for free. Credit: Daniel Tison

The Community Brain is currently working towards opening a bookable kitchen space where families with lack of resources can come and cook their own meals.

This article has been updated to correct an earlier misleading headline and make clear the items on the fundraiser menu are fixed price.

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