How to look after your skin this winter

As the crisp winter air settles in, it is often a challenge for many people to maintain dewy, hydrated skin.

The harsh winds and rainy weather can cause a change in our skin, leaving it dry, dull, and prone to breakouts.

So how can you maintain healthy skin during colder months?

Protecting your skin in dry weather

This season has seen a mix of rainy weather but also high winds, so let’s first address the challenges posed by the dryness.

The biggest problem in windy weather is usually an increase in dry skin, which could ultimately lead to irritation and flakiness. 

Dr. Laura Geige, a licensed dermatologist who runs a clinic in Kingston has explained that our face goes through what is called ‘transepidamal water loss’, a term relating to the amount of water that escapes our skin.   

This can be prevented with moisturisers that have ceramides, a hydrating ingredient that helps maintain the skin’s natural moistures and stops water from escaping our skin. 

To successfully lock in the hydrating properties of ceramides, Dr. Geige recommends using toners containing hyaluronic acid before applying moisturiser. 

This will ensure the ceramides stick to your skin barrier, resulting in smoother, plumper-looking skin.

If we do not lock in the moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, the product will result in more water loss from the skin. 

The moisturiser also helps keep out environmental aggressors such as pollution and bacteria that travel on the wind.  

Protecting your skin in rainy weather

Given London’s large amounts of rainfall, it is important to know how to deal with our skin in this type of weather. 

The main concern related to rainy weather is its effect on your skin’s natural oils and hydration once it comes into direct contact with your skin. 

Let’s say you forget your umbrella and it starts raining. Once that rain touches your skin it evaporates, taking with it some of the water that was in your skin, decreasing hydration and causing your skin to dry out.

To avoid this issue, Dr. Geige recommends moisturisers with high SPF to prevent moisture loss and keep your skin’s barrier healthy. 

Additional tips

The sun rays shining through clouds, windows and even your clothes, could cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles if not protected with a strong SPF moisturiser daily. 

“Remember, that even if it’s winter, the UV radiation rays affect your skin anyways,” said Dr. Geige.

Keeping our lips hydrated should also be a factor in your skin care routine, as lips get dry more easily. 

Because we are talking and breathing throughout the day our lips may experience more dryness than our face.  

To keep our lips hydrated during the day it is important to find a lip balm that has ingredients that do not dissolve in water and have thick moisture. 

Dr. Geige’s final tip for maintaining hydrated, glowing skin is to drink plenty of water during the day. 

It is important because our bodies are always releasing liquids, and to replenish it we need to constantly hydrate. 

Our skin is a delicate organ that needs to be cared for, so as we head into winter this year consider these tips to ensure beautiful, glowing skin during every season.  

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