Britain’s youth rally for second referendum

Many of those who marched for a People’s Vote on March 23 were aged under 25 years old. 

The air to the march was buoyed by hope and youth.  

One girl expressed how worried she was, nodding her head solemnly. She gripped a hand made sign that had written: “82% of young people want a f-EU-ture.

“I’m not old enough to vote and its my only way of having a say about my future.”

Figures from the BBC last year estimate that if a second referendum were held, a staggering 82% of young people want to remain in the EU.

There are 20,000 European students currently studying in the UK. This number is meant to drop as schemes such as Erasmus are threatened.

The online blog Youth and Brexit has been set up by a group of young people who believe that the youth of Britian have been overlooked in the Brexit debate.

Many of the young adults who were most verbal were those that were just denied a vote due to being too young. 

The steady beat of drums and the heavy drone of the bass in the background framed the atmosphere for the chants ands signing.

A family walked with their faces decorated with EU blue and hand painted stars. All three young children chanted in an interview: “We’re here to stop Brexit!”

The march attracted younger voices and engaged the youth.

A large handmade sign with the words ‘Lets work together’ Photo credit. Ellie PiggottAs the march progressed, the drum beat continued to steer the crowd to parliament.

The dancing and signing continued until the crowd reached Trafalgar square and trickled down to parliament where the drums turned to mobile DJ decks and the music increased. Only the young remained, and the rally turned to a political festival. The air was electric.

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