Care International’s March4Women conferences focuses on the future of women

At the start of March, Care International held March4Women. The conference celebrated the strength of women and included discussions on issues women still face today. 

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu promoted empowerment: “We are the Tsunami of change.”

Performances by Imedla May and Beverly Knight were featured as well as powerful speeches by Annie Lennox and David Tennant.

Photo credit; Ellie Piggott. Celebrities line up with March4Women posters.
Photo credit; Ellie Piggott. Beverley Knights sings at the March4Women conference

The Kingston Courier spoke to a range of activists at March4Women, including Mos-Shogbamimu who gave her advice to young women today: “Be a total badass. You have every right to be ambitious.”

The atmosphere was electric with positivity and empowerment. During performances, people clapped and danced. The conference embodied the spirit of equality and hope.

Quotes from powerful women.
Infographic by: Ellie Piggott

Throughout the performances, which included a re-enactment of Indian factory workers accounts or work place abuse, it was clear why these events are still so important.

Whilst globally, feminism and equality have taken great steps forwards, there is still much to be accomplished.

Photo credit: Ellie Piggott

According to Care International, women are often the last to receive aid or evacuate during natural disasters. 

Some are not taught how to swim. Women are also often last to eat, making times of food shortage more dangerous for girls and women. Alongside this, during times of disaster and conflict, violent crimes such as rape, abuse and trafficking rise.

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