Top vegan spots in and around Kingston

Veganuary is almost over but for those who have fallen in love with vegan cuisine we have a few recommendations for where you can continue to explore the different plant-based meals many places have to offer.   

1. Riverside Vegetaria 

This award-winning restaurant on Kingston High Street next to the River Thames has become one of the most popular vegan and vegetarian choices in the area. 

Opened in 1989 by Ritchie Sakthivel MBA, this idyllic venue offers a unique but intriguing menu made from local produce in hopes of educating future generations about the importance of healthy eating.  

One of their highlights is the way they create plant-based versions of staple international dishes, including: 

  • An organic spicy Jamaican stew
  • Organic tofu teriyaki
  • Masala dosai

This is a great option for first-time vegans or those who want to explore exciting new plant-based dishes that do not break the bank.  

2. Chakra 

This eatery has created a loyal customer-base in the short time since they opened in 2018.  

Chakra is a multi-award-winning restaurant that celebrates North Indian cuisine with Punjabi influences to create a refined vegan dining experience.   

Situated next to Kingston Bridge, it prides itself on having a diverse range of vegan options, with a separate vegetarian section that provides plenty of delicious vegan meals – a concept still missing in many other restaurants.  

Some of their vegan dishes include: 

  • Baingan Ka Bhartha (Smoked eggplant mash braised with garlic, chilli and tomatoes) 
  • Shahi Palak Paneer (Cottage Cheese, spinach, tomato and spices Iranian saffron) 
  • Tadka Dal (Tempered yellow lentils, with cumin garlic and chilli) 

This option is great for those who enjoy a bit of spice and want to explore the culinary experiences of other cultures.  

3. Vegan Ethiopian Food 

This local gem of a food stall in the Ancient Market Place is an exciting choice among its fellow competitors.  

Open and run by the wonderful Fasika, she serves up many delicious and healthy homemade meals originating from Ethiopia. What is special is that everything on the menu is vegan as she places veganism at the forefront of her enterprise.  

A few of the options include: 

  • Mesir Wot (Red lentils cooked with red onions, garlic and a blend of Ethiopian berbere spice) 
  • Kik Wot (Yellow split beans cooked with leek, garlic and turmeric) 
  • Gomen Green (Cooked with red onions, garlic and jalapeno) 

This is a great choice for those who want flavoursome food on a budget.  

4. Wagamama 

Finally, this Japanese-inspired chain has become known for its many vegan-friendly dishes with 50% of their menu now plant-based.  

Opened in 1992, this restaurant sought to celebrate the wonders of Asian dishes and create a new and unique way of eating.  

For Veganuary they brought out the lion’s mane ‘steak’ bulgogi, an exclusive dish focused on the mushroom as a healthy meat alternative. Whilst this is only available in January, there are a vast range of other vegan options including: 

  • Tofu hot pot (Korean inspired broth with tofu, tteokbokki, butternut squash and, mangetout) 
  • Yasai yaki soba (rice noodles with mushrooms, peppers, beansprouts and, white and spring onion) 
  • Vegan ‘chicken’ kare lomen (teriyaki chicken on top of udon noodles and, coconut sauce with chilli) 

This is an amazing option for those who want the full vegan meal experience from start to finish.  

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