Save the World Club: the charity feeding Kingston during Covid

While many charities across the UK are struggling to float during the pandemic, Surbiton-based Save the World Club (STWC) has risen to the occasion, feeding 5000 Kingston residents during lockdown.

STWC has been working tirelessly day and night to ensure surplus food is delivered from supermarkets to Kingston residents in need.

With nearly 80 volunteers dedicating themselves to help founder Des Kay and STWC,  the charity has really helped make a difference during lockdown.

STWC secretary Tariq Shabbeer said: “We were busier during Covid than ever before. We were more busy at Christmas time feeding the poor and those who didn’t have food or money and we’re here to help those people.”

STWC is an environmental charity based in Berrylands, set up 35 years ago by Kay to empower the community to help create a sustainable future for all.

Silver linings

Many charities have struggled during the pandemic. Independent charity Pro Bono economics predicted last year that charities would lose £6.4 billion in income over the six months from June to December 2020.

It also predicted that one in 10 charities would be likely to go under in that same period.

Shabbeer said: “I think Covid has been a disaster but there is a silver lining to this great big enormous thundercloud and we should build on those silver linings and restore and build our community back again. So we hope to work with all charities, the community and voluntary groups to come together to save our world.”

A recent partnership formed was with Tottenham Hotspur football club who reached out to STWC in order for the charity to help recirculate the club’s surplus food.

Volunteers of SWTC also work on crafting community mosaics and collect an assortment of other items which are stored in the warehouse called the ‘circulatory’.

“When we set this up I honestly had no idea. It was just the combination of circumstances what with getting the warehouse and then Covid happening and people reassessing their lives and clearing stuff out,” Kay said. 

“It’s become ‘the place’ for people to bring all their stuff even though we haven’t advertised at all.”

The charities income has grown significantly through donations and through the support of all the volunteers Des hopes they can continue with the good work.

Kay said: “There is certainly a magic here that seems to manifest itself so we just sit back and let it happen.”

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