Muslim Community Celebrates Eid in Kingston

Kingston’s Muslim community celebrated the festival of Eid al-Adha in a spirit of ‘positivity’ last Tuesday. 

Hundreds attended prayers at Kingston Mosque to mark the second Eid of the year, with many going home to spend time with their families afterwards.

Anas Onkoren, from Kingston, described how the community had come together, particularly noting how non Muslims in the area had greeted him and shared food at stalls outside the mosque.

He added: “It shows the full potential of Muslims. It’s a great opportunity to see people, especially those who only come a few times a year.  It also sends out a positive message to non Muslims.”

At Eid, Kingston Mosque holds four prayers as opposed to the usual two per day.  Hashim Dangra explained that the community would come together for prayers in the morning, while people had meals with family and friends in the evening.

He said that families would also make a specific attempt to reach out to relatives abroad, adding that he was looking forward to calling family members in Pakistan via Skype.

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