Mayor of Richmond responds to ‘incorrect reports’ of her resignation

Councillor Nancy Baldwin has quashed the news that she is stepping down as Mayor of Richmond, as reported by local station Radio Jackie.

In a recently deleted news bulletin post, the Kingston-based radio station claimed she is “stepping down, being unable to complete her term”.

But Baldwin took to Twitter to clear up the news: “I want to make it absolutely clear & despite incorrect reports on @Jackie_News I’m still Mayor until mid-May & am still working hard to support our beautiful Borough.”

Baldwin, a New York born actor who has appeared in films such as Mamma Mia, was appointed mayor of the borough in May 2019.

The Liberal Democrat councillor, who has lived in Richmond since 1985 and is the first ever British-American mayor, also issued a coronavirus message to Richmond locals as she comes to the end of her year-long term.

Speaking to the Kingston Courier, Radio Jackie said it had since spoken to Baldwin.

“We spoke to Cllr Baldwin yesterday evening, clarified a misunderstanding and she’s satisfied with our response,” said Lucy Mayer, News and Travel Editor.

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