Kingston residents experience difficulties getting GP appointments

Kingston residents are finding it more and more difficult to get GP appointments since the government announced it would have to cut funding to the NHS.

As Kingston residents find waiting times for GP appointments increase, young people are turning away from visiting traditional GP surgeries to subscription health providers, such as Babylon Health, where they can contact GPs remotely through phone, text and Skype, and parents are ever more worried as they find it increasingly difficult to access satisfactory medical care for their children.

This comes as statistics published by the Royal College of GPs show that the number of full time GPs per 10,000 population fell by approximately 5.6 per cent between 2007 and 2017.

The lack of suitable funding is a ongoing national concern and over the years, journalists have reported on the ever-increasing crises this has caused – bed-blocking, A&E waiting times and doctors’ working hours have all hit the front pages in recent years.

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