Kingston Parish Hall to host a concert on Saturday

Kingston’s Parish Hall will host a concert featuring talented musicians from all over the country in support of a local charity on Saturday night.

St. John’s Parish Hall in Kingston will play host to four musicians: Louise Connell aka Reverieme, Rob and Anne from “Morton Valence” and Lucy Kitchen. The proceeds will be donated to “Love Kingston”, an umbrella site aimed at funding small charities in the Borough of Kingston.

Reverieme is a singer-songwriter from Airdrie, Scotland. Her first studio album, under the name of “Straw Woman” was released in 2016 and featured such tracks as “Golem” and Plankton”. Morton Valence have been around since 2006, releasing a total of five albums. However, Rob and Anne also recorded a separate album of their own, dubbed “The Black Drifter”. Lucy Kitchen is an up-and-coming talent, who made her breakthrough at the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition in 2015. Her debut album “Walking” released in 2014.

Rob and Anne from "Morton Valence"
Rob and Anne from “Morton Valence”

It will be the second show of such kind in 2017, after Hattie Briggs, a singer and songwriter from Gloucestershire, visited Kingston in February. The proceeds from that show went to Emergency Response and Humanitarian Aid.

Hattie Briggs
Hattie Briggs

The organiser of both concerts, Tony Hardy, expects Saturday night to be another success.

“I think we’ll be almost full – we have around 90 people coming. We are never too short, some more people always show up on the night to make up for those who can’t. But we should have around 90 people – in effect a sell-out.”

The show will start at 8 p.m. at St. John’s Parish Hall at Grove Lane and finish at about 10:45 p.m.

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