Kingston Council invests in greener transport to crack down on air pollution

Kingston Council has agreed to spend £4.72 million on improving its transport network to discourage residents from driving and to reduce air pollution.

The Environmental and Sustainable Transport Committee also gave the green light for the next stages of the Go Cycle programme which will include building a two-way segregated cycle track from Kingston to New Malden.

“These key investments into the borough’s road network are a step in the right direction towards making our roads safer for all users and helping to encourage clean and environmentally sustainable forms of transport wherever we can,” said councillor and portfolio holder for environment and sustainable transport Hilary Gander.

The improvements will be funded by the Kingston Local Implementation Plan, a grant supplied by Transport for London which is aimed at improving infrastructure so that people are encouraged to walk, cycle and use public transport instead of driving.

Kingston residents have complained in recent months that the air quality in the borough is both dangerous and worsening.

Their uproar led to the first-ever citizen’s assembly on improving air quality being held in December of last year.

Forty residents were invited to be assembly members and share their views on Kingston’s air pollution problem.

After being given the chance to review Kingston’s current transport set up in December, the assembly members called for plans to urgently invest in greener and accessible transport and infrastructure and to increase residents’ awareness of air pollution.

The council’s decision last week signposts a new cohesion with residents that will come as welcome relief to those worried about the problem of pollution in the area.

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