International Sport ‘RaceRunning’ Arrives in Kingston

RaceRunning, a sport aimed at those living with cerebral palsy, is coming to Kingston November 1 for a starter session at Kingsmeadow Athletics Track.

The session will be hosted by charity Cerebral Palsy Sport as part of their On Your Marks RaceRunning project.

National Sports Development Officer at Cerebral Palsy Sport Adi Fawcett said: “A local physiotherapist got in touch with us to suggest we introduce RaceRunning to Kingston. We work with local partners to launch the sport in their area.”

Local Pediatric Physiotherapist Laura Thompson is a former volunteer at Cerebral Palsy sport from her time at university.

“It gives patients a chance to participate in an alternate way of exercising that they would otherwise not be able to,” she said.

“I thought of Kingston because there’s really not very much in the way of disability sport in the area… and there really could be more.”

Athletes take part using Racerunners: three-wheeled frames that support the athletes as they propel themselves forward using their feet.

Cerebral Palsy Sport is raising the profile of the sport around the UK. Its main aim is to give children and young people living with Cerebral Palsy a chance to take part in a sport.

“It has a massive impact,” said Fawcett. “It enables people to get fit, get active and get sporty.”

Cerebral Palsy Sport’s Chief Executive Ali Talbot said: “RaceRunning enables people with physical disabilities to change from passive spectators to active participants and we want to reach so many more people through this project.”

The RaceRunner was initially conceived in Denmark 25 years ago as a frame and medical aid for those with the neurological condition.

RaceRunning has since been developed into a competitive sport for some, and for others a leisurely activity.

Following its inclusion in the Berlin World Para Athletics European Championships, the sport is set to be included in the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai.

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