Kingston residents take down supermarket giant Lidl

Planning permission was rejected this week for the heavily protested Lidl that was due to be built on Manorgate road.

The plans were proposed in March 2016 and residents from the local area have, after years of opposition, won the battle to have the plans rejected.

MP for Richmond Park constituency Sarah Olney said: “I’m very pleased that the Lidl application has been turned down.”

In the Kingston Council Development Control Committee meeting on 9 October, the decision was made to halt the development due to the impact on the home zone and wider highways network.

Many residents had expressed concerns about the proposal.

Chairperson for the North Kingston Neighborhood Forum Diane Watling confirmed that the potential traffic increase was a huge factor for residents rejecting the proposal.

Watling said that residents were worried about the impact that the new Lidl would have on local independent shops and that allowing a large supermarket chain would be “endangering the viability of the local economic area and local businesses”.

There is, however, an opportunity for Lidl to appeal the decision.

“We are going to have to be prepared for that. The councillors and community must come together if that is the case,” said Watling.

Councillor for Kingston Town Centre Jon Tolley said: “I think our reasons for refusal are strong enough but if they decide to appeal it, it will come again.

“We can’t say no because we don’t like something. For example, we don’t want a Lidl but we wouldn’t mind a Waitrose.”

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