Kingston Christmas market: Festive cheer and Alpine village return

The festive atmosphere created in Kingston’s Christmas Market makes it one of the most highly rated Christmas markets in London.

Live music and open mic nights at the market ensure everyone gets into the holiday mood.

Cerys, who visited the market with her family, said: “We come here every year. We enjoy the food, the music and the atmosphere. Having so many people around enjoying each other, creates a good holiday spirit.”

Ashia, a stallholder, said she loved the excitement of working in an atmosphere where people come together, especially during the evenings.

band at Kingston christmas market
Credit: Kingston First

People come to shop, to browse and to enjoy the food. The popularity of the market has led both stallholders and visitors alike to say they feel there is room for expansion.

“If it was a little bit bigger it would be even more enjoyable for everyone,” said one visitor, who didn’t wish to be named.

The idea was supported by the number of people having to stand because of the limited number of seats available. Others said they would like to see a larger variety of stalls, in particular more meat-free options among the food stalls.

The Alpine Village has made a return featuring four curling lanes alongside stalls offering a variety of potential gifts and great inspiration on Christmas presents.

Stallholders face a challenge from the increasing trend of online shopping, but the market remains a crucial place for supporting local sellers and cherishing the Christmas spirit.

curling lanes
Credit: Kingston First

A recurring theme among the visitors and the staff was an appreciation for Kingston Christmas Market as more than just a shopping or culinary destination.

The sense of community, the opportunity to meet new people, and the overall holiday ambiance make it a standout event.

Shauna, County Cheese stall holder said: “Talking to the people, seeing their interest, makes my day.”

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