Jailed Kingston University lecturer Jan Goodey releases letter from prison

Imprisoned Kingston University lecturer Jan Goodey has written about a “tough regime” in Wandsworth Prison in a letter released by Just Stop Oil, describing “lots of fighting” and “lots of blood”.

Goodey, 57, was sentenced to six months in prison for creating a public nuisance last November
for climbing a motorway gantry on the M25, in protest at the government’s lack
of action surrounding the climate crisis.

“Banged up in Wandsworth D Wing is a tough regime. Lots of hecticness [sic],
lots of fighting, lots of blood,” Goodey wrote about life in prison. 

“On a walk to a visit yesterday, I spotted a bloke in white overalls cleaning up spots of blood. An officer quipped, “What’s going on down there?”. “It’s a bloodbath in the cell” came the reply.”

Goodey spends most of the letter writing about his reasons for protesting,
which ultimately led to his arrest.

“Locally, 308 of the UK’s 409 councils have declared a climate emergency. Of these, 182 have pledged to reach net zero by 2030,” he wrote.

“Despite this, the majority are still engaged in projects which will lead to huge carbon emissions.”

Just Stop Oil has criticised the government for Goodey’s imprisonment, his protest being one of many November M25 protests organised by the group.

“This shows that our government would rather lock up peaceful protesters than put an end to new oil and gas, which will put an end to everything we know and love,” a spokesperson for the group said last November.

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