“It is time for Boris to go”: Kingston councillors stand against the Prime Minister

Kingston councillors called on the council to take a stand against the prime minister at a council meeting on Thursday January 28.

Green party councillor Sharron Sumner, amongst others, said that it was time for Johnson to resign.

Boris Johnson remains under scrutiny after information was leaked about several parties at No 10 Downing Street whilst the country was in lockdown in May 2020, causing public uproar.

Sumner said that both she and the council were severely disappointed with Johnson after he acted unlawfully, misleading parliament and the public.

She said: “While the Prime Minister attended Downing Street parties, millions of people obeyed the lockdown rules, often at huge personal cost.

“They missed funerals and said goodbye to dying loved ones on video calls, our children were prevented from attending school.

“All of this on the very day that Number Ten illegally hosted a garden party.”

She called for the Prime Minister to resign, and other councillors agreed with her.

Owner of local music shop, Banquet Records and Independent party councillor Jon Tolley said: “I speak to people every day and everyone’s angry and frustrated but not surprised.”

The shop staff even made a statement on the front of the store, saying “Boris is lying to us”.

Despite being in different political parties and often opposing each other in debates about local issues, councillors were united over Johnson’s actions.

Liberal democrat councillor Mark Durrant said: “I have never experienced this much visceral anger on the doorsteps in my time as a councillor.    

“Residents who were unable to meet friends and relatives during the Covid restrictions and were complying with the rules are rightly angry that it seems to be one rule for No 10 and another rule for the rest of us.

“I have concerns that Boris’s continued premiership will have adverse consequences in terms of getting future public health messages out.”

He concluded: “Boris. Take a hint, the party is over and it is time for you to go.”

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