How local primary schools celebrate spring

With the weather getting warmer and schools closing for Easter holidays, schools around the Kingston borough celebrate spring in different ways. 

This is a time to reflect on what the children have learnt as it gets closer to another year of progression and a celebration of our offspring.  

A local primary school teacher from the Kingston borough said: “I notice a change of attitude towards spring term, compared to autumn.  

The children seem so much more grown up; a lot more independent and that’s usually seen across the whole school at this time of year.”  

Schools that don’t follow a religious curriculum celebrate the end of term with a spring class assembly.  

“This assembly focuses on the changes that are happening all around us during spring, we don’t focus on the aspect of Easter too much as we have a wide range of cultures and religions.” 

Religious celebrations such as Ramadan are also celebrated during this time, and local schools have made efforts to accommodate for all, “we have designated classrooms that are used for prayer time for all the adults and children at the school.”  

Another local primary school focuses on catholic celebrations and the teachings of Easter. 

 A teacher from the school said: “During Easter we have a church service or a mass that the whole school attends, a lot of the children participate in the service and retell the Easter story, it’s a lovely event for the children’s parents to come and watch.” 

The children also get involved in learning about the stations of the cross and the importance of it to the Christian faith.  

“This week the children are going to do an easter bonnet parade, where they make the bonnets at home and bring them in.” 

With schools in the area celebrating spring in varied ways, the teachers adapt to different styles of teaching to encourage the children to get a better understanding of the seasons changing.  

When asked what their favourite part about teaching in the spring is, one Kingston teacher said: “I really enjoy the change in weather, it’s a great opportunity for outdoor learning, the children love going into the wild area and observing plants and nature.” 

Another teacher said:  “with the weather being warmer, the children are genuinely happier- they get longer outside and more sunshine is what they need.”

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