Fitness gets a new address in Surbiton

A new fitness studio offering quick workouts for busy people has opened on Surbiton High Street.

Sweat Society’, set up by Georgia Ray and James King, packs in a schedule meant for people on the run.

Ray said: ““We call this place a busy man gym. We have tailored the programme for people with busy schedules who want maximum benefit in a short time.

“The name Sweat Society came about because when my clients sweat, they get a sense of achievement and a great post-workout feeling.”

King, the studio’s personal trainer and physiotherapist, leads 45-minute high intensity workout regimes which include a combination of squats, burpees, rope workout, planks and a series of cardio exercises.

A trainer practicing yoga in Sweat Society
A trainer practicing yoga in Sweat Society

Client Rosa Wood said: “I get inspired to push myself when I watch him do uncountable push-ups making it look like it is the simplest exercise.”

James, with his background in physiotherapy, tries to help clients who suffer from knee pains by altering workout patterns to suit them.

He said: “It’s a rewarding job when we see our members achieve their goals. We provide a complete experience for them.”

Katie Stephen, a teacher who stays across the road, loved the class. She said: “This is the ideal place for me to get rid of my guilty calories. I am quite motivated to start my fitness journey now.”

Ray is in the process of becoming a yoga instructor. She plans to open various branches around the borough in the next year, the places yet to be decided. She said: “We will also be starting spinning classes, baby yoga among others in a few weeks.”

Sweat it out at Sweat Society
Sweat it out at Sweat Society
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