Ex-boyfriend denies charges of rape

A woman has told Kingston Crown Court how a former partner raped her even though she was bleeding and crying.

Thomas Charles Hussey, 28, of Shepperton, has been charged with rape. He pleads not guilty. The trial started on 9 April 2018 at Kingston Crown court.

“He forcefully used her for his high sex drive,” prosecution lawyer Rose Husbands told the court on April 13.

The alleged victim said there were two occasions, in 2010 and 2011, when Hussey sexually assaulted her and pressurized her into sex without her consent, though she did not report the assaults until 2015.

The first time was during their relationship in 2010 when Hussey raped her anally in his house, the court heard. “He made me bleed and even after I was crying and said no, he didn’t stop,” the alleged victim said.

The prosecution said she made it very clear to Hussey that she was not interested and there was a physical struggle but Hussey said to her: “It’s what girlfriends and boyfriends do, they experiment, so don’t get tense and let me do what I want.”

The second time was after they broke up. They were in her car and Hussey persuaded her to engage in sex “for old time’s sake”, the court heard.

The alleged victim said: “Even after I said no, he took out the condom and did it.

“I was physically hurt after that time as he forced himself into me.”

She told the court she froze in shock and “felt like a corpse”.

Defence counsel Jen Brickman said that the victim was manipulating and lying to blame Hussey for her shortcomings.

She said: “Hussey broke up with her via a text message and since she felt rejected by him she was being vindictive.”

The prosecution said that she couldn’t have fabricated the story. “She could have charged him with violence if she was lying but she was being completely honest,” Husbands said.

After the two instances, the alleged victim confided in her mother about the assault. Her mother testified in court earlier in the trial that she had seen bruises on her daughter’s arms when she was in a relationship with Hussey, Husbands said in court.

The defence asked why the victim did not report the assault at the time. Brickman also asked the court why the alleged victim continued to date Hussey and  to have sex with him, if he had assaulted her.

The alleged victim charged her brother with a sexual assault charge in December 2015. It was at this point she told the police about Hussey.

The trial continues.

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