Council Awards £1,380 In Aid To Local Voluntary Organisations

Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee awarded voluntary organizations £9,000

Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee awarded a £1,380 in grant aid from its total grants budget of £9,000 to two local voluntary organisations.

The money will go towards aiding Connaught Opera and the Parksfields Community Garden in their activities.

Kingston Town Neighbourhood said that it “encourages applications that contribute towards the priorities identified by the Neighbourhood or in its future Neighbourhood Community plan.”

Non-profit organisation Connaught Opera, which was awarded £630, plans to utilize the grant money to put on two free concerts for elderly in care, one at Murray House and the other at Bradbury Active Aging Centre.

The Parksfield Community Centre will use the grant of £750 to fund the preparing of the Community Garden site for public access. 

The purpose of the grants is to assist the voluntary organisations to carry out their activities within the local neighbourhood.

Grants of up to £750 can be awarded by the Neighbourhood Committees to voluntary organisations in their area. Awards are granted based on their projected direct benefit to the residents of the neighbourhood in areas of social welfare, sports, art, leisure activities, youth provisions or environmental improvement. 

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