Cocaine Dealer Sentenced at Kingston Crown Court

A 23-year-old man, who a judge described as being on the “upper level of street drug dealing”, was sentenced at Kingston Crown Court last Wednesday.

Mr Rahim Dharshi, of Aldrington Road, London, has pleaded guilty to charges of Class A drug procession and driving while disqualified.

 The Court heard how Mr Dharshi led the police on a high speed car chase before being apprehended late on the 31st July of last year.

He was subsequently found in procession of around 3.6 grams of high quality cocaine concealed in twenty ‘wraps’ with a street value of between £800-1000.

Mr Dharshi, who has a string of previous convictions, was already in breach of a court order banning him from driving for being over the alcohol limit last year.

The accused claimed that the drugs were only for sale to a circle of close friends and he himself never uses drugs besides drinking alcohol.

He further told the judge that the drug money was intended to pay for his college fees as he received no financial support from the government or family.

 The judge told the court that Mr Rahim had a “Total disregard for any court order” and sentenced him to a total of 42 months imprisonment.

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