Father and Son Receive Suspended Sentences for ‘Vigilante Behaviour’

Two men have received suspended prison sentences and are required to undertake unpaid work having been found guilty of causing actual bodily harm.

Alan J. Betterton, 48, from Lyndehurst Avenue in Twickenham, and his son Charlie S. Betterton, 23, from The Grove, Hisleworth, have been sentenced to 12 months and 6 months suspended sentences respectively at Kingston Crown Court for causing ABH during the summer of 2010.

The injuries were caused during what the judge, Miss Recorder Suzanne Chalmers, described as “vigilante behaviour”, in response to a perceived attack on the car of Charlie Betterton by the victim.

The victim received a traumatic injury to the head as a result of kicking and a sustained assault.

The judge, Miss Recorder Suzanne Chalmers, described Charlie Betterton as having been ‘completely out of control’ and having had “so much to drink [he] did not know what [he] was doing’.

In addition to the suspended sentences, the two are required to undertake 200 and 120 hours unpaid work respectively.

Charlie Betterton, who was acknowledged as having taken the dominant role in the assault, will have to adhere to an electronically monitored curfew for the next four months.

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