Barcadia Shutdown: Local Reaction

Barcadia was “nothing but trouble” are the words of a local resident who celebrated the council’s decision to revoke the bar’s licence.

On Monday evening a decision was made by the Kingston licencing committee to rid the nightclub of its licence, due to its connection with a series of violent incidents over the Christmas period.

Barcadia, on Clarence Street Kingston, has become the second nightclub casualty in the space of a few weeks – alongside Essence – making options for nightlife even more limited for locals. 

Gemma Cassi, a local resident who used to frequent Barcadia, suggested that the club was beginning to attract the wrong crowd and lost its licence due to poor management. She said:

“It was always over-capacitated and busy…there was always trouble in there.”

Barcadia’s licence had been suspended since December 30 after a customer was stabbed in the neck with a champagne glass on Christmas Eve.

Reports suggest that the nightclub had also been linked with three separate cases of grievously bodily harm during December last year.

Despite the nightclub’s recent association with violence, local residents seemed to have mixed feelings about the revoking of its licence.

The majority of local residents that spoke to the Courier stated that Kingston remains a very safe area and is not badly affected by the nightlife.

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