7 best winter skincare tips

1. Lip balm at the ready

A good lip balm is key because it nourishes your lips during the cold winter months.

The skin on the lips is thin and doesn’t naturally produce the moisturising oils that the rest of the skin does. This leaves the lips prone to damage especially during the winter.

So take extra care to keep your lips protected with a lip balm this winter as they are one of the first parts of the body to feel the cold. They also promote healing, so if your lips are currently chapped, using a good lip balm will help them recover back to full form.

2. Use a water-based face moisturiser 

Naturally, the winter months bring cold air and chilling winds that make your face dry.

Swapping to a water-based moisturiser during the winter will boost hydration on your face, as your current moisturiser won’t protect your skin to the fullest.

Water-based face moisturisers can be gels, which are made up mostly of water and are usually free of any oils. This is a big advantage for people with oily skin.

The main benefits of water-based moisturisers are:

  • Lightweight – These moisturisers will leave your skin feeling fresh and less weighed down when compared with a thicker moisturiser. 
  • Quickly absorbed – The skin absorbs water based moisturisers faster. 

3. Add an essential oil to your skincare routine

Skin can be complex but discovering the essential oils that work best for you do not need to be complicated.

Hydrating skin oils can be full of Vitamin E and will leave your skin feeling very cleansed and refreshed.

4. Stay hydrated

Since more than two thirds of the human body is made of water, it’s equally important to drink a lot of water when the weather is colder just as it is in the summer months. 

Thanks to key factors like pollution, the weather, commuting, air conditioning and lack of sleep, your skin’s water levels may be functioning on very little. Keep your skin glowing and healthy by drinking water regularly in the winter.

Hydration is needed for many processes in the human body to function such as heart circulation, digestion, temperature control for our brain to work etc. So try to stay hydrated as the temperatures drop, and naturally, you’ll crave a hot drink more than a cold one.

Keeping hydratedPhoto: Maria di Lorenzo/ Unsplash

5. Make time for a face mask

Face masks help to reenergise your skin. Most women put on a face mask during the weekend as it fits in better when they’re not working and are at home. Face masks are easy to apply, fun and can be enriched with essential ingredients such as water and potassium which will leave your skin feeling revived and soft.

Face masks also rid your skin of impurities and built-up oils.

The Creative Exchange. Unspash

6.  Scrub it off

Did you know, during the winter, dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface which can lead to a skin complexion that looks dull and feels dry?

That’s where exfoliating comes in to the rescue: it cleanses your skin deeper than a regular face wash. Make sure you use a face scrub or other exfoliant that helps remove built-up skin and impurities.

7. Invest in a humidifier

The main reason to use a humidifier is because it adds moisture to the air.

Humidifiers help your skin to retain hydration which is an additional way of water entering your skin.

They also benefit any moisture-loving houseplants which makes them more more vibrant, and wood floors or furniture may last longer.

These plug-in powered heroes also help people who suffer from irritated eyes, dry skin, frequent coughs and cracked lips. The moisture in the air will improve hydration and ease coughing by adding moisture into the respiratory airways.

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