Yungblud causes stir outside PRYZM

Yungblud whipped hundreds of fans into a frenzy outside PRYZM after his Wednesday sell-out show at the venue.

The acclaimed music star stood on a raised platform next to the venue’s exit with teems of screaming fans gathered around him and encouraged the crowd’s singing and chanting whilst dishing out high fives and handshakes to those below.

Student and long-term fan of Yungblud Emily said: “There’s been a really nice vibe tonight and a really good atmosphere – its been a bit crazy but overall lovely.”

The crowd broke out into an especially enthusiastic slew of shrieks and applause after Yungblud shouted: “We’re signing everything: laces, boots, you name it!”

Yungblud taunted the authorities arriving at the scene by bringing his index finger to lips in a shushing motion in response to police sirens.

Police and PRYZM security staff eventually managed to disperse the crowd by 11.00 pm.

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