Kingston winter tree planting scheme planning complete

The council have finalised plans for the planting of 600 new trees across the borough as a part of their winter tree planting scheme.

The scheme invited residents to vote online for the location and type of 200 of the 600 new trees, with the final votes being cast 25 October.

The council have stated that they will release the final details of the scheme by the end of November.

Councillor Sharon Sumner welcomed the scheme, saying: “I’ve noticed the concern, especially online, about tree felling in Kingston. I’m glad that the council are taking steps to increase the number of trees in the area.”

A member of Kingston Council criticised the scheme, claiming that it fails to compensate for the vast number of previously felled trees.

Councillor Kevin Davis said: “In the past 12 years the Lib Dems have cut trees down to the point of there being 2,000 empty tree pits on the streets. All they really need to do is replace the trees they cut down in the first place.”

When asked about the number of trees that have been cut down, a spokesperson for the council said: “To protect the public, tree health and property we have a duty to remove trees that have been identified as dead, diseased or dangerous.

“Between 2010 and 2019 we planted almost two trees for every tree lost. We will be planting at least 600 more this winter and 1000 more over the next two years.”

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