What Men Should Never Wear!

Women are overwhelmed with advice on how to follow fashion or dress for their figures, but men are not given the same help. Although many men know how to pull a decent outfit together, there are a few looks that should always be avoided:

1-Wearing socks with sandals. If it’s hot enough to wear sandals, it’s too hot to wear socks.

2-Black shoes with light coloured jeans. This breaks the visual flow of the leg and draws attention to the feet. It’s a colour-clash that never works and shortens the leg. It screams teenage disco. Black shoes only work with black trousers or jeans. Brown shoes work with every shade of jeans. Ted Baker does a great selection of shoes to suit every style. Leather shoes will last far longer than synthetic materials, like plastic, so even though they are more expensive, they are worth the investment.

3-Runners/Sneakers with trousers-this look screams ‘dad on vacation’. Sneakers or runners should only be worn with tracksuit bottoms or sweat pants. 

4-Ill-fitting jeans/trousers –Jeans that are too short on the leg or too wide on the waist make you look shorter or bigger than you are. Know your trouser size on the waist and on the leg. If you’re not sure, ask a shop assistant. They’d be happy to help. River Island and Topman do great jeans and trousers for every shape and size.

5-White socks with a dark suit. When you sit down, the trouser leg can lift up. Wear black or dark socks to blend in. White socks under a black suit will make you look like

A)     Mr Bean or

B)      You’re doing your confirmation

6-Wearing colours that don’t suit you-if you are pale steer clear of light colours (like lemon, grey and light blue) because they will wash you out. Try to go for stronger colours (like brown, royal blue or blood red) because they will compliment your skin tone. If you have tanned skin, you can wear almost every colour. If you’re going to the gym, stick to white, black or cream because these colours will hide any sweat patches.

7-Jewellery– you risk looking like a 90s boy-band member or a wanna-be footballer if you have too much jewellery on.  Generally, jewellery should be limited to a watch and cufflinks. Otherwise, it can look very tacky. Links London, Cartier and Omega do the hottest men’s watches and cufflinks.

8-Cologne overdose-If someone can smell you before they see you, it’s not good. You may have ladies fainting in your company, but for the wrong reasons. One or two sprays are enough. 

9-Oversized designers on your clothes-never wear a label that is splashed all over your top/jeans. This says ‘rip-off’. Why would you wear a designer’s name that big unless you were getting paid to promote it? Something subtle and smaller is more stylish.

10-Unibrow-this look is nothing short of gross. If you’re growing a caterpillar across your forehead, fix it with a pair of tweezers or get it waxed. When you look at your eyebrows in the mirror, remember there should be two.

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