The Darling Buds of February!

Spring is upon is. The hottest designers around, like Valentino, Dries Van Noten and Alexander Wang have created an explosion of colour in their Spring/Summer runways. From painted thorns and monochrome petals to appliqué blooms, the floral trend is back with a bang this season.

The floral trend is easy to wear because it usually incorporates several bright colours, which means it’s easy to match with shoes, bags and cardigans. The Rite of Spring is not only a ballet-it’s a season of fashion!

Celebrating the beauty of nature in couture is the height of chic. A bouquet of floral prints is mixed with a clash of colours in the fashion-forward high street shops, like River Island, Topshop, Warehouse and Monsoon.

Stick to only one floral print in an outfit. An overdose may look like a walking garden centre. If you want to add another splash of colour to the ensemble, paint your nails in one of the same colours found in the print.

The key to rocking this trend is balance. If you have a very busy dress, keep the cardigan plain and make sure all of your accessories are simple. An overdose of pattern screams recycled curtains.

Victoria Beckham, Prada and Chanel all had crisp white clothes in their spring/summer collections. Adding a flower corsage to a white dress, coat or top will reinvent it.  Flower corsages are available nationwide in Primark from £1.

To really make the outfit pop, keep your make-up fresh and minimal with bright pink or red lipstick à la Christina Hendricks in Mad Men.

Hair-wise, anything goes. Big, bouncy curls make the look super-girly while an up-do is perfect for a wedding or the races with a flower-print dress. Throwing your hair up in a loose bun is equally as chic because with a detailed dress, you don’t have to over-work your hair.

Blake Lively in Gossip Girl likes to wear her floral dresses with gladiator heels and studded belts to toughen up the look. This mode is a riot of colours-it’s a combination of shades that shouldn’t work, but somehow do!

Many people think that light, bright colours should be teamed with similar shades, but adding black to a floral print brings a punky edge to a soft look. Seen on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloe Sevigny and Nicola Roberts, this look is hot-to-trot!

Meryl Streep’s famous line in The Devil Wears Prada is “Floral, in spring? Ground-breaking!” Although flower patterns, lily prints, daisy chains and fully-bloomed roses have been seen on clothes before, they keep coming back into fashion for a reason-they’re easy to wear and match.

The best thing about this trend is that you probably have some floral pieces in your wardrobe already. To update them this season, add some brightly coloured nail varnish or lipstick, team it with a leather jacket and belt, or throw a white cardigan over it. The floral trend is a classic fool-proof. Classics are classics for a reason.

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