#WeMakeEvents campaigns for government support for the live events industry

Voluntary group #WeMakeEvents staged a week of Covid-compliant demonstrations in Parliament Square to campaign for government support for the live events industry, which has been brought to its knees by Covid-19.

#WeMakeEvents Survival in the Square Video: Daisy Stephens

The campaign, called Survival in the Square, took place between October 26 and 31 and aimed to highlight the plight of the events industry, and get more support for individuals who have previously fallen through the cracks.

“The latest government support packages, although welcome, are not reaching those who need them the most and will only benefit a small group,” said Gary White, Lead Producer of #WeMakeEvents.

“Larger, more meaningful action needs to be taken, and until it does, we will still be here campaigning.”

Survival in the Square featured a range of workers in the live events industry, from musicians and comedians to theatre technical staff.

“With Survival in the Square, we truly want to showcase the diversity of performance and just how far the live events industry stretches,” said White.

#WeMakeEvents also aims to demonstrate the importance of the sector in the UK, both culturally and economically.

He said: “We will be a good return on investment for the future.

“We will continue to campaign until there is sufficient support for everyone involved in our industry.”

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