Underneath your clothes!

Without a good set of underwear, your posture, poise and walk can look bad. Getting the correct underwear is the key to getting the foundation of every ensemble right.

Spanx very much! Spanx are the best allies to womankind when it comes to muffin tops, extra tyres or even stretch marks. They are available in Marks and Sparks from £20. They pull you in and up. Not every woman is doomed to go south after 40. Cynthia Nixon said her amazing figure in SATC2 was all thanks to Spanx. Corsets are also great at pulling in muffin tops and extra tyres although they are less comfortable and more suitable for the bedroom.

Brassieres can always be a tricky subject. The effects of wearing a wrong size bra include back problems, poor posture and the boobs sagging. The principal function of a bra is to elevate and support the breasts. This cannot be obtained properly if a woman is wearing the wrong sized bra. Oprah Winfrey’s survey revealed that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. The best option is to suck it up and get measured by a professional. Marks and Sparks have professional, friendly staff that will put you at ease when getting measured. A woman will have to get re-measured during and after pregnancy as breast sizes tend to change around this time.

When I was younger, my boobs were so small, my mother used to call them batteries. For most of my life they were AA.  My fried eggs are now poached. I discovered the love of my life in Primark. They do Maximiser bras for £5. These babies are as good as any Victoria Secret boosting bra, without the crazy price tag. They bring every girl up two whole cups sizes. I can’t even see my own feet anymore. It’s great. Sorry for the false advertising guys! La Senza in Kingston also do great boost bras from £15.

Strapless bras can make your bust look frumpy. Your bust should be as high as possible, not down by your knees. The Eve bra and the Wonderbra transform any girl to a bosom buddy in seconds. These over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders push the bust together and up for the ultimate va-va-voom!

Thongs are not weapons of ass destruction. Always buy thongs in cotton for ultimate comfort.  Never ever invest in a pair of Bridget Jones knickers. If you want to lose a guy in ten days, bring him home, push back his wavy locks, whisper softly in his ear ‘I’m just going to slip into something a little bit more comfortable’ and come back parading in a pair of Bridge Jones knickers. Instantly dumped.

Sloggis are the most amazing invention in the field on lingerie. They are available in every good lingerie shop and are 100% seam-free, so you can wear them in revealing materials such as satin or silk and not expose a VPL( Visible Panty Line). They are quite pricey, starting from £20 for a thong, but like spanx, they are well worth the investment.

For a more brief form of underwear, the panty will always be around. They appeal to most women because they cover more and are more traditional. The downside to panties is the infamous VPL. Panties are also more practical when wearing skirts and if a gust of wind comes.

Unless your Britney Spears, you will care about how exposed you are when stepping out of a taxi or taking a fall. There are better views in the world. A thong won’t hide much. To keep more dignity, panties are probably the safest option. Just buy the low-rise ones. If you wear panties that aren’t spanx and that reach your belly-button-what’s the point? Unless the extra material is pulling you in, it’s a waste.

Underwear has the power of bringing out the inner goddess in every woman by highlighting her hour-glass. Time is ticking girls so burn the old unflattering underwear and invest in some good pieces. Underwear is the foundation to every good outfit. If the foundation isn’t stable, neither is the rest.

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