Men vs Fashion: Victoria Beckham/Muscly leggings

Victoria Beckham cause a stir a couple of weeks ago at New York Fashion Week with her A/W ’12 collection, and after battling with her website (It could be the fault of my slow internet connection), I’ve finally been able to take a look.

‘Nice’ is definitely the word I would describe this blousy collection. The dresses are very demure, classic and what seems to stand out about both of her collections is that they are very wearable.

I think what is lacking here is any panache. The problem I have is that fashion can push boundaries, and this just doesn’t do it for me. Yes, it can go too far, I’m not saying VB’s lovely collection should go down the route of the hair coat by Martin Margiela, S/S ’09, but it’s 2012, and if you can’t create something a bit out there now, then when can you?

Another problem I have with this collection is that, I may be wrong, but although it looks very wearable, I have a feeling that (quelle surprise) it may be less flattering to non-stick-insect-like women. It’s all good making something that looks nice, but if you’re going to market it at the average Kingstonian woman, then shouldn’t it look good on people who aren’t models?

I’m probably going to open my door in the morning to a lynch mob of my nearest and dearest female friends who all told me to look at the bags because they are amazing, but I just think they could have tried to make it a little more fun. 

The other side to this hand-stitched coin lies with Australian fashion house Black Milk. They offer quirkily designed fashion leggings, as well as a full collection of other garments, and recently released their ‘muscle legging.’  This is an interesting, slightly sickening idea which is fun, quirky and stylish. Reminiscant of the Lady Gaga ‘meat dress’, at the MTV awards last year, they are a less smelly way of having a bit of fun whilst staying on the non-edible side of fashion. At $75 AUS a pop- they will set you back a bit, but are a nice, cheaper alternative to the Jean-Paul Gaulter muscle knit leggings.

Some of the other offerings from the Black Milk collection are really great, fun, quirky and still wearable.

VB could take a leaf out of their book, and I think we should leave the meat to Gaga – after all she recently did a Terry Richardson photo shoot where she appeared to be wearing cling-film. It turned out to be a dress by Hogan McLaughlin. At least it’ll keep the meat fresh.

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