It’s time we took David Grusch seriously – we are not alone in the universe

On a warm, balmy day in Washington DC on July 26 nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Other than a couple of photographers, you would barely have noticed David Grusch, dressed in a slightly oversized navy blue suit, gently skipping up the steps to Congress. But in the coming hours, this unassuming ex-spy from Colorado was to expose perhaps the largest cover-up in human history.

When David Grusch appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience a few days ago he didn’t just come out of nowhere.

He is a decorated veteran of the Afghanistan war and retired intelligence officer for the US Air Force (USAF) who appeared before a congressional committee and under oath, dropped two Oppenheimer-esque bombshells.

 Credit: Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo Shutterstock
Whistleblower David Grusch testifies before a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing about UFOs in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC, USA, 26 July 2023.

Not only are aliens real, Grusch alleged, but the US and other nations have their craft and have been trying to reverse-engineer them for decades.

“I was informed, in the course of my official duties, of a multi-decade [UFO] crash retrieval and reverse engineering program,” Grusch said.

In other words, for decades the US government has known that aliens exist and have actively taken steps to conceal this monumental fact from not only its own people, but the world.

Is this crazy?

Yes, of course it is. It’s as if life got lazy and decided to follow the script of some poorly reviewed, non-descript sci-fi thriller. But does that mean it’s not true?

Radical truths that challenge the status-quo have a long history of being hastily dismissed. Galileo was ostracised and persecuted for the crime of saying the Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe.

Even Ignaz Semmelweis, a pioneering doctor, was ridiculed for daring to suggest that, to prevent bacterial infection, surgeons should wash their hands before surgery. After all, why would people believe that bacteria could exist if they couldn’t readily see them?

Credit: Photo by Eileen Tweedy, Shutterstock
Galileo, Italian mathematician, astronomer and physicist, on trial in Rome for heresy in 1633. Artist unknown.

The difference with UFOs is that people have been seeing them. For decades.

Whether it be Second World War pilots reporting so-called “foo-fighters”, present-day pilots like Cmdr. David Fravor, or the countless civilians who claim stories of sightings, visitation or even abduction, the sheer size of apparent witnesses to the phenomena is nothing short of extraordinary.

Meanwhile the James Webb telescope has shone a light on the universe as we’ve never seen it before. It even picked up promising signs of life on the catchily-named Planet K2-18B, 120 light-years from Earth.

In fact, many scientists and astronomers are already saying finding life ‘is a matter of time’.

How much more of a step is it to think that an advanced civilisation, with the technologically capable of traversing the void, has come knocking?

But the naysayers repeat that line: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Grusch has testified, but where is the clear, documented evidence to back up his claims?

Time for some context.

Before Edward Snowdon exposed the insidious Orwellianism of the National Security Agency (NSA), would we have dismissed allegations that the US spies on both its citizens and allies on an industrial scale?

The only difference between Snowdon and Grusch is that the latter, by responsibly opting not to compromise his nation’s security, has chosen to expose only as much information as his security clearance allows him.

Credit: Photo by Shutterstock
Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified documents revealing top-secret US espionage projects across the globe.

Think about it – if you had the chance, by reverse-engineering advanced alien spacecraft, to create an asymmetric technological advantage over your enemies, wouldn’t you want to keep it a secret at all costs?

If you’re a teetering superpower in the midst of a new Cold War like the US is, the answer is undoubtedly, yes.

And so the US is caught between a rock and a hard place. They can’t disclose what they know about alien life without possibly losing that technological edge.

If President Joe Biden announced today that we were not alone, the floodgates would be open. The world would rightly, and in the interests of humanity, demand to see the technology these visitors left behind.

This is notwithstanding the allegations by Grusch and others that The Programme, as it is known, has operated illegally and without proper congressional oversight.

To put it bluntly, Grusch alleges a whole host of serious crimes have been committed to maintain the project’s security. He even testified that he himself had been threatened “personally”. The solution for those in the know? Keep shtum – why risk admitting the government has harmed its own citizens?

As a result, The Programme is allegedly above top-secret, meaning the information Grusch can disclose in terms of concrete documented evidence is limited.

Unlike in China and Russia, congressional hearings like the one Grusch gave evidence to, are open to the public. Therefore, he can’t reveal overly sensitive information to us, without also sharing it with America’s enemies.

Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo – Shutterstock
Members of the public wait in line to hear former representative on the Defense Department’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force David Grusch, testify before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing about UFOs.

Despite the limitations placed on his testimony, Grusch has provided compelling evidence.

He testified that over the course of years in his capacity as an intelligence officer for the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, he interviewed over forty individuals on The Programme.

In the process, the individuals interviewed told Grusch that both the US military and American private aerospace companies are in possession of “non-human technology”.

And it’s not just technology that has allegedly been recovered.

When asked about bodies associated with crashed craft, Grusch responded that officials on the project told him “[non-human] biologics came with some of these recoveries”.

It’s also worth emphasising that Grusch hasn’t just said these things. He’s testified under oath. If he’s perjured himself, he will go to jail.

Though the hard data may be lacking, people have been convicted and sentenced to die because of evidence provided by witness testimony. Witness testimony, from the right individual, can be highly credible evidence.

Grusch is one such witness.

As an ex-high-ranking intelligence official, he was trusted with some of the US’ most prized secrets. He even used to provide daily briefings to the President.

Moreover, as part of his whistleblowing process, Grusch gave his evidence to the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Thomas A Monheim. Monheim, after an investigation, found his evidence both “credible” and “urgent”.

So why would a highly respected ex-intelligence official risk throwing away his freedom, his privacy and his reputation by lying to of all institutions, the United States Congress?

Because the man is telling the truth.

At least, that’s what senior US politicians think.

In the aftermath of Grusch’s revelations, Majority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) that would, in time, force the military and private industry to hand over any technologies of “exotic” and/or “non-human origin”.

“The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins [and] non-human intelligence,” said Schumer.

That one of the most powerful politicians in the US and one of Joe Biden’s closest allies, has introduced legislation with wording like “non-human intelligence”, suggests that he, and others like him, know something really is out there.

Credit: Photo by MIchael Reynolds – Shutterstock
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer discusses the NDAA during a news conference following a Democratic policy luncheon, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Why? Because they know more than we do.

Republican Marco Rubio, who as part of his service on the Senate Intelligence Committee (of which he is the Vice-Chair) has reviewed evidence by Grusch and other as-of-yet anonymous whistleblowers, rhetorically asked:

“What incentive would so many people, with that kind of qualification — these are serious people — have to come forward and make something up?”

What’s more, something has happened that seems almost unheard of in the partisan nature of modern American politics; the amendment, which Grusch helped draft, has support on both sides of the aisle.

Ultra-conservative Matt Gaetz is seeing eye-to-eye with Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on this issue. To those unfamiliar with American politics, that’s almost like Nigel Farage finding common ground with Diane Abbott – unthinkable.

And this isn’t just an American phenomenon.

As part of his testimony, Grusch, backed by US Army colonel Karl Nell, talked of a “decades-long cold-war” between America and its adversaries to recover and reverse-engineer non-human technology.

Indeed, China’s People’s Liberation Army have publicly acknowledged that they are currently employing the use of AI to track and analyse UFOs in its airspace. What else are they doing that hasn’t been acknowledged?

Credit: Department of the Army
Colonel Karl E. Nell stated “[Grusch’s] assertion concerning the existence of a terrestrial arms race occurring sub-rosa over the past 80 years focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin is fundamentally correct.”

In the UK, amid the economic turmoil of the financial crash, the government shut down the office responsible for domestic UFO investigations in 2009. So far, they have not commented on Grusch’s allegations.

The laziest thing to do would be to dismiss all this as mere conspiracy theory. Given the gravitas of the allegations, surely it’s worth at least taking Grusch’s claim’s seriously.

In a universe 94 billion light-years across, with an estimated 100 billion stars in the Milky Way alone, do we really think we’re the only beings capable of contemplating it?

Just imagine the truly colossal strides we could make in advancing our civilisation if Grusch is correct.

In the words of the whistle-blower himself:

“The knowledge we stand to gain should spur us toward a more enlightened and sustainable future, one where collective curiosity is ignited, and global cooperation becomes the norm, rather than the exception.”

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