Trespassing squirrel causes Kingston Library shutdown

A squirrel trapped in Kingston Library was treated like royalty by staff who fed it grapes and named it after an English king.

Staff named the squirrel Ethelred, after King Ethelred of Kingston who was known as The Unready.

The squirrel was found stuck behind a radiator after entering the library during the night.

The squirrel, named Ethelred, got stuck behind a radiator in the library. Picture: @kinglibheritage

Library staff announced that they were unable to open the building to the public because of a “wildlife issue” on Saturday morning.

Whilst waiting for the squirrel to break free, staff kept concerned locals up-to-date on its wellbeing via social media.

They said: “He’s spent the night curled up with a good book, and now he’s warming his paws up on our radiator.”

The squirrel was rescued by the RSPCA and released back into the wild almost five hours after it was first discovered.

By 3pm, the library was back open for business.

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