Over half of students say their mental health has deteriorated during Covid-19

Over a half of students have said their mental health has deteriorated during lockdowns, according to a National Union of Student’s survey.

The survey said that 52 per cent of students say their mental health has deteriorated or been affected negatively by Covid-19.

Despite this figure, only 20 per cent of students have sought mental health support. Around three in five of those who did seek help said they were satisfied with what they received. 

Media student Mirenda Nguyen said she had felt “very lonely and isolated” whilst living alone in London, as her family home is located in Portsmouth. 

Nguyen said: “I don’t think the government have helped us with our education. Especially with student finance and everything, we’re still paying nine grand for online learning”.

The pandemic has lead to 57 per cent of students interacting less with other students at their university, 53 per cent less with friends and 65 per cent less with clubs and societies. 

In the podcast below, I spoke to Nguyen about her experience with mental health during Covid-19. 

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