Residents fighting for a controlled parking scheme

Residents of Dunbar Road and Beresford Road in New Malden are fighting for a controlled parking scheme.

Householders have face problems since January this year and say parking has become increasingly difficult since the nearby Kingsgate Business Park Business Centre started charging for permits in the spring.

There are increasing numbers of abandoned cars and commercial vehicles left on the street for months as it has free parking. Althought the problems were initially confined to working hours between 8am to 6pm they have extended to nights as well, with one local taxi service using the road to park waiting minicabs. Residents say a smashed car left on the road since July has not moved an inch.

The locals are left with no choice but to park on the next road which has spread the problem. Many of the residents have started travelling by bus so as to not lose their parking space. A number of residents have been forced to double park their cars because they have been unable to park legally,and have subsquently received parking tickets.

The safety of young children is another concern raised by a few parents. Hayley Coulson, mother of 3 year old and 5 months pregnant with her second child said: “Iam concerned about the young children as it is not safe to move out. There are speeding vehicles on the road where 5 year olds ride their bikes.”

A petition was launched a few weeks back which got 30 supporters and Councillor Trevor Heap has been very supportive.

Rachel Waite who has lived in Dunbar road for nine years said: “We were heard at the council meeting but don’t know if it’s going to improve any further. Dealing with rowdy and impatient drivers every day is stressful. We are considering moving out if we do not get CPZ.”

Alex Brewster, Maintenance Manager of the Kings Gate business centre said “I represented the business centre at the meet and we believe that the council agreed for exclusive parking for the residents. We did not know that there were many more issues.”

Councillor Derek Osbourne said: “We do know about the growing problems faced by the residents. In the last neighbourhood committee meeting we said we will come up with a project in the new-year and hope it’s a permanent solution to all problems.”

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