Ready or Not: Comedy, Carnage and Charm

It is said that spouses never forget their wedding night. For Grace (Samara Weaving) that is most certainly the case.

Ready or Not, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (Devil’s Due) is a black comedy horror film. We follow Grace: a young woman marrying her ‘dream’ man. Despite feeling uncomfortable around his family, the wedding is a success. And then, nighttime falls…

This is when everything changes. It is revealed to Grace that her acceptance into the family requires her to play a game chosen at random. This makes Alex (Mark O’Brien), and his brother, Daniel (Adam Brody) nervous.

One of the potential games is the classic hide and seek, albeit with a deadly twist. Unfortunately, this is the game Grace must play, and she is forced to hide from her bloody thirsty in-laws.

The film feels similar to Get Out, but manages to offer a unique experience through weaving together comedy and horror to create a gory, but fun-packed flick.

Without a doubt, the star of this movie is Samara Weaving, who has appeared in another successful comedy horror: The Babysitter, which shows that this is a genre made for her. Her acting made the film believable; you genuinely feel her pain and her facial expressions tell the story clearly and efficiently.

Most of the characters were enjoyable, and the writing (by Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy) ensures that the Le Domas family aren’t reduced to a band of one-dimensional, trigger-happy villains. For example: some family members desperately try and avoid the games, whilst others comply in response to the threat of punishment for dissent.

However, the film does feature some vicious villains such as Helene Le Domas (Nicky Guadagni): the murderous aunt sporting an edgy haircut.

Overall, Ready or Not is filled with comedy, carnage and charm; it showcases that horror films can be fun and don’t need to be taken all that seriously.

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