Police seize class A drugs from Surbiton flat

Two suspects have been arrested after police closed a flat on Surbiton Hill Ward which they said was being used to supply Class A drugs on November 11.

Kingston Police reported on social media that the South West Gangs unit was involved in the operation alongside Surbiton Hill Police.

Kingston Police said: “The venue was a hub for a massive local gang which spread like a virus throughout Kingston.”

A closure order was sought and granted to give the police the authority to quickly close the flat. 

Closure orders can be granted when premises are being used, or are likely to be used, to commit nuisance or disorder.

Police added local residents had been tormented by the gang and said that since the arrests they had sent the police a letter of thanks.

According to Kingston Police, the letter detailed the positive impact the arrests and seizure of drugs would have on the community.

One suspect is currently on remand and awaiting a sentence.

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