Police Arrest Seven In Kingston Crime Crackdown

Kingston police arrested seven people as part of Operation Big WingPolice arrested seven people in Kingston last week as part of a nationwide operation to crack down on crime.

‘Operation Big Wing’ was successfully deployed in Kingston last Thursday, resulting in several arrests for posession of Class A and B drugs, shoplifting, posession with intent to supply, posession of criminal property and assault on police and handling stolen goods.

Tweeting about the news, the police said:

Police spokesperson Steve Young said that when these operations take place, it is common for police to find multiple activities ongoing in the same area. Police reported several arrests including one on a boat:

Kingston has the lowest crime figures in the UK, according to the crime statistics report released by the police this week.

It also has the lowest crime figures in London, with 9,451 crimes committed in the past 12 months, down 10.7 per cent from the year before.

Mr Young doesn’t expect these latest arrests to damage the area’s reputation, as many of those arrested are facing minor charges. 

Main image courtesy of Eye Ubiquitous/Rex Features

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