REVIEW: Pixie offers escapism during Covid-19

Visiting the cinema was a refreshing experience while the UK was in partial lockdown: social distancing was hardly needed, as just five viewers watched Pixie in a 150-seat Kingston cinema.

Pixie is one of the few films to be released to cinema this year. It is an energetic, playful, violent Irish comedy providing a sense of escapism and distraction from Covid-19.

In an interview with the BBC, Ben Hardy, who plays one of Pixie’s accomplices Frank, said: “Hopefully it will give some people some light-hearted relief from the current situation. We could all do with some of that right now.”

The 99-minute film is carried by Pixie (Olivia Cooke), who is the stepdaughter to a notorious west-country gang leader.

Pixie uses her cool wit and charm to draw in Sligo locals- Frank (Ben Hardy) and Harland (Daryl McCormack)- on a heist around the west of Ireland, helping her steal 15 kilos of MDMA and cover up the murder of her ex-boyfriend.

Pixie runs rings around the duo from start to finish, all with her end goal in sight: to escape from Sligo to study in San Francisco.

In an interview with the BBC, Cooke said: “She’s daring and she’s dangerous… she’s got this self-awareness and she knows the effect she has on the people around her.”

Authentic Irish

A fantastic cast consisting of Irish actors bring together this hectic heist including Colm Meaney, Dylan Moran, Alec Baldwin, as well as up and coming Irish actor Chris Walley.

The Irish actors create an authentic hearty depiction of Sligo for watchers.

However, Cooke, originally from Oldham in Greater Manchester, nails the western Irish accent. Cooke told the BBC: “There are a lot of sounds within the Oldham accent you can find in a Sligo accent, even though it sounds completely different.”

Visually, director Barnaby Thompson captures the idyllic beauty of the West coast of Ireland in multiple scenic shots during Pixie, Frank and Harland’s road trip.

Cinema in 2020

Cinema has seen a massive fall due to Covid-19, with fewer cinemagoers as well as fewer films being released.

Most notably this hit has been shown by cinema chain Cineworld closing in October. 

Pixie is one of the few films that have been released to the cinema this year. Despite cinemas remaining open throughout the UK’s partial lockdown, it is clear that moviegoers are still not comfortable.

IMDb confirms Pixies Box office Cumulative Worldwide Gross at a mere $151,972. Such figures are poor, yet during a pandemic are understandable.

Pixie’s spontaneous road trip seems distant for viewers during a worldwide pandemic and the current travel restriction in place. Pixie certainly offers a sense of escapism during this time.

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